Monday, February 14, 2011

The after-party

We didn't open all of Mallory's presents at her party. There were just so many, and let's face it, 1 year olds don't exactly have the longest attention span. So, we waited until the next day to open them up as a family and make sure we could enjoy them all and keep up with who they were from. Mallory played horsey with Daddy.

Then it was present opening time. Mallory seemed to enjoy the ripping off of the paper.

Eating it off seemed to be a good option too.
New sippy cups! Let me just test these out...
Wonder what's in here???
A handmade card! How fun!
My Anpanman! He's a popular cartoon character in Japan, and I got a jingly, rolly-polly Anpanman doll!
Aaaggghhh! MORE presents!
Yay! A present for Mommy too! We have great friends (thank you Anne!)
The left over balloons were still quite fun the day after the party too.

What a great party, so many great friends, all kinds of great gifts ranging from toys, to clothes, to food to money. We are so lucky to have great friends and family who love us and our little girl so much! Happy 1st Birthday mallory- hope all your years are as much fun as your first!

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