Monday, February 28, 2011

Where have you been all my life...or at least the last 2 years?

Ok, I'm interrupting my quest to catch up this blog with a quick recent story. I don't have any pictures to go along with it, but just had to blog anyway.
So, I've been needing a quick hair trim for the last few weeks, and once I get that feeling that it is time, I really get antsy about it. I'm not a big fan of getting my hair cut and having a big language barrier. It is scary to try to describe what you want to someone who is sorta looking at you like you have 3 heads, but I'm not going to the states until June, and it was time for a haircut. I've cut it here a few times, but only at the on base salon, where they work with pretty much all Americans and speak fairly good English. But I have a few friends who have gone to the Aveda salon at the Diamond City mall off base (but close by), and they raved about it. Mallory was at school for 4 hours today and I didn't have anything else planned (besides laundry, dishes, making dinner...but I mean REAL plans) so I thought, "what the heck, I'll go check it out".
Armed with 4 pictures of what I was picturing (basically my same hair cut with a dash of long side swept bangs) and all the courage I could muster, I went in the salon. I was DELIGHTED with what I found. In true Japanese style, I was greeted with a warm "mushi mushi" (hello) from about 5 different workers immediately. I said and pantomimed that I wanted a haircut. They directed me to a couch, where I was immediately handed a warm, scented towel and a cup of tea. Just a few minutes later I was led to a room where I was to hang up my coat and leave my bag and shoes in a locker, and put on some slippers and a robe. I did, and then was directed to my chair. I had my pictures with me and explained what I was thinking to the lady. She studied them and my head and said ok, and led me to the shampoo room, AKA heaven. They have these awesome chairs that are like beds and they place a blanket over you and a scented towel on your face and then wash and condition your hair while giving you an amazing head massage. Wow. Back to the chair for my hair cut, and yet another head massage. She cut and blow dried and was very good about getting it exactly like I wanted. She was also meticulous about not getting 1 stray piece of hair on me!
When that was all said and done it was time to change back out of the robe. There was another customer in the room, so they offered me a hand/arm massage while I waited -yes please!
I changed, paid (and all that was only 5500 yen, or about $67 with the current conversion rate and left a very happy customer. I love that while sitting here typing this I still smell like the lovely salon smell.
There isn't anything wrong with the salon on base, but Aveda has a new customer, at least as long as we live in Japan!

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  1. Excellent! Glad to hear that you had an awesome experience. I go to an Aveda Salon off of University in FTW. Similar experience except for the robe & slippers. I converted my mother into an Aveda regular in Wisconsin. The massage treatments during the shampoo/conditioner wash are her fave. I love getting the head massage after getting my color done & the hand treatment/massages are the best during the winter. When you come back stateside, I would check out an Aveda Salon. :)