Friday, February 18, 2011

Air Force Ball 2010

September 18th the Air Force Ball was held here on Yokota Air Base. It was actually the first time either Brett or I had gone (last year Malloryw as only a few weeks old), and it actually the first time I'd ever even seen Brett in his full mess dress. Quite handsome if I do say so myself! Our awesome neighbors watched Mallory (they decided they didn't want to go this year), and we had a great time. Here we are, before we left for the ball:
Some of the girls at the ball:me, Melanie, Jessica, Shelley, Jill and Tania.
And our drinks :) The first of many, as you will see as you look thru these pics...
The C-130 and Air Force Eagle ice sculptures.
Gabbi, Laura, Lynn, me, Melanie and Jessica.
Dave and Brett
The drinks are starting to kick in...

and I think they are in full effect now!
Yikes! Those are tequilla shots in our hands. Melissa, me, Melanie, Shelley and Shelly by the bar.
I have no idea why Natalie picked me up. I think there was a conversation about being little and finding a dress in Japan and some other stuff, and next thing I know I was in the air! Oh, and my shoes lasted all of about 15 minutes from when we walked in the door.

The sword was used for a cake cutting ceremony earlier in the night. Apparently it lives in Brett's office and he was nominated to bring it back. So it came back to our house with us, with a bit of fanfare. John, Melanie and Brett and I posed for several pictures with it. Yikes!
Sam (who'd already changed out of his mess dress) and Brett discuss the merits of the sword...I guess...
Brett and his sword, on the bus on the way home.
Here's a few other pics from the evening, although a bit out of order. Gabbi, Melissa, Lynn, Mindy, me, Amanda, Melanie and Jill.
Amanda, Melanie, Shelley and Shelly, me, Lynn and Mindy
Oh my!

another ice sculpture as you entered the ball room
Some of the pretty decor and food tables they had set up. The cost of the tickets covered the cost of food for the evening, although I'm not sure any of us ate very much (clearly).
Me, Tania, Natalie and Melanie. Why did we feel the need to get crouching lower and lower for the pictures as the night went on?

We had a great night out with friends and away from the baby for the night (who was in very capable hands). I'm glad it is an event that's only held once a year though- more than that and I'm not sure my liver could handle it!

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