Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hawaii - Day 4

Thursday arrived in Hawaii and started off great. We got a full night of sleep, which makes everyone wake up happier! We got up in the morning and had a plan to split up and do a few different things. Maryo and Kristen wanted to go to the mall to get a few things, and Nancy and Erin wanted to go back to Kailua Beach and rent kayaks. Erin and Nancy headed over to rent the boat, while mom, Mallory and I dropped the others off at the mall and headed to the beach ourselves. Tod and Jessica were already there (she had worked the day before but was on call today and off for the weekend). Tod had a stand-up-to-paddle board and was really good at it. He said I could try, but I didn't bother. It wouldn't have been pretty. We all hung out and took turns kayaking out tothe bird sanctuary island that is out about 1/2 mile from shore. Erin and I went out there together and looked around, and even saw a sea turtle on the way!! It was really fun and I got lots of sun in the process.

After a few hours on the beach, it was time to head home and get cleaned up and head back out. We had tickets to the Paradise Cove Luau. So we drove over to Hickam and picked up our voucher (thank you military discount!)and headed to the luau. It was great- beautiful location, 4 drinks each included in the ticket price, dinner, and several activities before the actual luau part even started. The 4 daughters played a Hawaiian stick game, where you have to beat them to a rhythm and then toss them to each other in turn. Let's just say we might need a bit more practice before going pro, but it was good for a few laughs. We took several group pictures and family pictures too, which was fun.A few of these have a slight blue cast to them, because Tod forgot he had his polarizing lens protector on. A little photoshop would fix that, but I'll just post them now so you can see and get the idea :) The 3 "Marvin" girls The daughters and MalThe daughters (and my daughter) The Mamas throwing up a "shocka dude"!Mal and I enjoying the pig rost showErin, Mallory and I by the beachThe sisters- Jessica and KristenThe whole gang (minus Tod-he wanted us to have a true "girly week" photo)Miss M and meThe Hammonds girls- Kristen, Maryo, and JessicaThe Timothy chicas- Erin and NancyThe whole girly gang...and, of course, the honorary member, Tod!
Here's where the pig was roasting!The dance with the "royalty" beofre taking the pig out to eat.The "Villagers" were gathering items from the sea for the luau feast.The show was very entertaining too.We all really enjoyed ourselves and felt very Hawaiian (we all walked out with leis and everything!) We headed home for the night and all turned in- they were 4 fairly strong drinks so we wereall feeling good after beverages, food and being in the sun all day!!Aren't we a cute bunch??!!?

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