Monday, September 20, 2010

Paradise- Day 5

After a great night at the Paradise Cove Luau, we decided that a great day of shopping was just what we needed. Since Nancy and I are the only ones with military privileges, the rest of the gang was eager to check out our savings. So we went over to Kaneohe and shopped at the PX for a few hours. I ended up getting a few fun Hawaiian things. I was really looking for Mallory's new carseat, as they don't sell them at the Yokota BX, but there weren't any to be found. I did find some flip flops and a pretty Hawaiian bowl, among other new treasures.
After lunch at the food court on base, we split up. Part of the group did a "Kaneohe Marine Base driving tour"and Mom, Kristen and I went to the commissary to get some stuff for dinner. Mallory had fun "driving" the cart.
We all rallied back at the house for lunch and hanging out by the pool.I brought a blow up boat for Mallory to sit in and she LOVED it. We all had a good time chillin' by the pool and it was hard to get up to leave.
But leave we did, and we all trekked downtown to Wakiki for the evening. We went to a great bar at the Sheraton called "Over the Edge" and it really felt that way. It was right on the water, with an infiniti pool next to us. We watched the beautiful Hawaiian sunset while sitting on this awesome patio. We each ordered a drink. Mine was called a "melange a trois" (yes, I ordered that in front of my mother) and while the description sounded delicious, it was not so yummy. My mom was sitting next to me and ordered a capriosca. Hers was better, and she said she would taste mine too and share hers with me. Next thing I knew, BOTH drinks were gone, and she was feeling NOOOO pain. It was really quite hilarious. We watched the guy light all the tiki torches at the hotel and put on a show too. Then, we all walked a bit down the beach to another fun bar with live music and ordered martinis and sat outside (why wouldn't you here in Hawaii!) After that, our table was ready.We walked over to Jimmy Buffet's Beachcomber Restaurant and ate. It was a fun atmosphere, although the food was just so-so.Mallory clearly wasn't impressed- ha!We walked past the International Market, but didn't really shop there, and then back to our car (we were parked at the Hale Koa and used our military ID's to get a siginifcant parking discount). After a quick tour of the parking garage (I have no idea who numbered that place, but I think they had been drinking a few drinks themselves as it is SUPER confusing and we lost our car for a bit) we drove home and called it a night. Another fun day in paradise!

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