Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just another day in Paradise...Day 3 in Hawaii

So, we made it to Wednesday on the trip, and boy, was I tired. I know I shouldn't be- I was on vacation, right? Well, needed to please explain that to my 10 month old daughter. She went down about 10pm. I blogged until about 11pm, and then went to sleep, thinking I'd get a good night. About midnight, she woke up SCREAMING! She was sitting up in the pack and play just crying and crying, so I picked her up and thought I could calm her back down and quickly get her back to bed. WRONG- she was ready to be up and play. My mom and I were up with her (we are sharing a bedroom so she was woke up too of course) and tried everything. We finally broke down and drove her around at 3am and she fell asleep in the car- we were desperate! She finally was back in her crib at 4am and we jumped into bed ourselves and slept until about 10am. It was later than we had planned the day before, but that's ok-we needed it. (And we were on vacation afterall!)

After a nights sleep (I won't call it good- just sleep) we all gathered up our things and headed up to North Shore to spend the day snorkeling and swimming and hanging out on the beach. It was at the other end of the island from where we were staying, about an hour drive. On the way we passed "Chinaman's Hat" island and stopped to take a few pictures of course.Erin,myself and Chinaman's Hat.We made it to North Shore at last, and set up our "camp" for the day. Tod and Jessica have a very cool sort of "half tent" if you will, or very large umbrella that stakes into the ground and provides lots of shade. We set that up on the grass, as the sand gets VERY hot. Tod was excited to be on girly week- can you tell?!North Shore is fun and has a very different feel than the Kailua Beach from the day before.Much more "local" I guess, with the surfer dude type feel. We got some good snorkeling in, and even saw a few humuhumunukunukuupua fish- that's the state fish of Hawaii. Good thing that little guy doesn't have to go to kindergarten and learn to spell it's name!
There were some neat little tide pools up close that were shallow and Mallory loved to play in.Anyway, fun and sun was had by all.

On the way home we stopped by the Dole Plantation hoping for a pineapple whip, but they were closed, so we got ice cream at McDonald's in the next town. Not quite the same, but still enjoyable after being salty, sandy and sweaty! We took a picture in front of the Dole plantation though, just to say we "had been there"- hahaha.

We drove home and stopped and got K&K bbq to-go for dinner. That is a local specialty place that Nancy and Erin knew about, and it was delicious! (And a TON of food from one order- we were eating on that the rest of the week!) And of course, ate it outside so we could enjoy the yard and beautiful view that the house had. We all love it, and have NOTHING like that at home (any of our homes spread across the globe). Nancy was walking around the yard with the babe, showing her all sorts of things. This little peacock guy was just walking around our yard, enjoying himself, so I had to snap a picture of him too. After all that we had to call it a day and all went to bed (hoping for a better night's sleep than the one before of course...)

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