Friday, September 17, 2010

Paradise Begins...Our Trip To Hawaii

Every year for the past 6 years or so my mom, me, my mom's best friend Nancy, her daughter Erin (and other daughter Kelly, although she's never been able to make it), another mom Maryo, and her daughters Jessica and Kristen have all taken a summer trip together. It's been dubbed "girly week" and for good reason- no boys allowed! No husbands, boyfriends, nothing. In fact, when I was pregnant with Mallory I remember thinking "this better be a girl...otherwise what will I do for girly week..." The first year we floated the river in San Marcos. The next few years we up graded and went to Lake Tahoe. We had to take last summer offdue to my move to Japan/being 8 months pregnant,Kristen's wedding and Kelly's wedding. But we are back on this summer and guess what...

We went to PARADISE folks. That's right, vacation in Hawaii. And I'm thinking this vacation might just need to stay a permanent thing! It's simply amazing there. We were there 10days total, and what a wonderful 10 days they were! I'll have to do multiple posts about the trip, just because there is so much to talk about and so many pictures. But here it goes...

Monday, July 12th (in Japan) Mallory and I packed up our stuff (and by stuff I mean a stroller, carseat, large suitcase, pack and play crib, diaper bag, computerbag...we don't travel light :) and headed off to...IKEA. Huh? Well, our plane didn't leave Narita until 9pm, and the last shuttle from our base is at noon, which would have put us at the airport around 2pm, and leave me with 7 hours to kill. So 2 very awesome friends took me up on idea of going to IKEA for the day, and dropping M and I off at the airport closer to our flight time. It worked out perfect (and I even bought a few things which they brought home for me!)

I checked in and asked if I could get the bassinet seat. She said it was a full flight, but gave me the bassinet and a window seat. Score! I grabbed a McD's burger, headed for our terminal and boarded the plane. I got settled and waited for the people to sit in the 2 seats next to me. We waited...and next thing I knew we were pulling away from the jetway. Yep- I scored an ENTIRE row! Paradise indeed! The plane was full, except for those 2 seats. I am sure everyone around me was a bit jealous. I coughed and sneezed a few times so they would think I was sick and wouldn't want to spread out and it by me- hahaha!
I was flying Japan Airlines, who are just amazing. I love them. They had a meal for Mal, an extra package of diapers, a toy, slippers, and of course a meal and drinks for me. And we were in the cheap seats in the back! The flight was nice and since it was nighttime, M went to sleep for most of it, and I slept a bit too.

We landed safely in Hawaii, and got all our bags and thru customs. I had said I would pick up our rent car and head over to the BX and get a few supplies for M and then pick up mom, Nancy and Erin as they came in about 3 hours after me. After a tiny glitch in realizing I forgot to print off the car rental info, I stopped in the USO room and used their computer to get the reservation number. Another small perk of being a military wife! I hopped on their shuttle, went off to the rental place, and checked out a car (and even got upgraded to a car with 3rd row I think b/c I looked pitiful by this point w/ all my crap, a sleeping baby and running on about 24 hours of no sleep). I whizzed over to the NEX and got some food and diapers for M and headed back to the airport to pick up the others. They were ready and waiting! (Notice how this trip is already much smoother sailing than Korea- I hope that is a trend that continues!)

I knew it would be though- look at the awesome rainbow we saw the very first day! (Put the next 3 pictures together to make a WHOLE rainbow!)

After that we all drove over to our house that we are renting for our time here, and discovered it is AMAZING!!! Seriously, it is 3 bedrooms,3 bath,(look how the shower floor and the bath mat match- it was decorated sooo cute!)a huge, spacious living/dining area, awesome pool and hot tub, beautiful yard (Nana had to go check it all out right away of course!) and it is right on the doesn't get much better. And the view...oh the view....I could go on for days about that...

Anyway, we checked it out and got settled in, and then went over to Kaneohe Marine Base and went to the commissary and got some groceries and drove around base. Nancy's family lived here about 20 years ago, so it was a trip down memory lane for them. We went to a great place called Pinkie's for dinner,which had Martini Monday- whoo-hoo! $4 martinis and $3.50 blue moon schooners, oh yea, and dinner too- fun! We sat by the window which looked out onto a canal. During dinner, loads of people rowed by. Mallory was a hit there. We even got stopped by a local photographer who offered to do a picture session for free w/ her because she is so cute. My kid is a total ham!

After Pinkie's we headed home and crashed. Well, all of us but Mal. She was WIDE awake (it was only 5:30pm her time) so we had to stay up a bit longer with her. She finally fell asleep too, and we were all in slumber mode, ready to see what else Hawaii had in store for us on day 2.

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