Friday, September 3, 2010

June and July in Japan

Alright, I'm finally caught up to June. Of course now it is September, and so I'm STILL 3 months behind, but I'm working on it. Here are a few of the fun things we did back at the beginning of the summer, during June and July...
First, we went to our friend Kendall's 2nd birthday party. She had a fun bouncy play area,
and a pinata.

Then Crl. Eppich (the vice wing commander) was leaving and retiring. So he invited several families to a sake factory/restaurant called "Ichikawa's". There were sake shots...several of them. Mel and I enjoyed a few...
and so did Brett and I. Whew! The bonus to sake is that the hangover is not nearly as bad as other drinks out there.

Some of the time Mal just sat around and looked cute :)

We went to dinner with Mike and Bridget at an okonimiyai restaurant she knew of near base. We were excited, as that is the food we loved from Hiroshima. Anyway, we had a fun night together, and tried many of the different types of foods at the restaurant. Here's Mike & Bridget getting ready to cook (at our table on the floor- very Japanese):
Mallory watched the cooking from up high.
Eating our dinner while crouching on the floor. It's kinda funny when your 10 month old is eye level with the table!
It was hot in the restaurant (the Japanese are kinda stingy with their a/c), and Mallory's hair was going all over the place. So we swooped it up into a mohawk.
She kinda looked like a little oomph-loompa :)

Mallory likes to "ride" on her toy. She's only figured out how to go backwards though :)

For Christmas she got a really cute blue dress and bloomers from her great-grandparents. I thought it would be even cuter if she had her name on it, and of course and M on the bloomers too. She wanted to show it off.

Look at that sweet smile!

Sweet baby feet and cute little M on her bum.
Her "pose" - left thumb in her mouth, right hand on her neck.
I adore this sweet face!

June's cooking class was a Mexican theme. We made my very favorite- my mom's Chicken Enchillada's, black beans, Mexican rice, salsa, guacamole, and margaritas. Yum!

Cooking wears me out!

Father's Day was fun this year. I started off by eating Daddy's name tag- yum!
Mommy made me a shirt to wear for Daddy.

Daddy helping me "walk".
I gave Daddy a photo frame and a handprint for his desk.
And I helped Daddy build a new chair for our dining room table.
Up I go!!

The summertime here in Japan is, in a word, HOT! So Mommy bought Mallory a blow-up swimming pool to play in our backyard. Here's Mal, looking cute in her cover-up, ready to go swimming.
Showing off my swimsuit.
This pool is FUN!

I love swimming...
and escaping!

Mommy added some toys to play with, which made it even better!

Then my swimsuit started to fall off...

The theme for my cooking class in July was "breakfast for lunch", and we made banana pecan pancakes, a breakfast casserole, and mimosas.

Cooking is a very tiring business. I think I'll just lay down right here...
and take a nap under the table.

Also in July, Mallory learned how to pull up on furniture, and baby proofing became major around our house.
Look at that big girl!

We went with the mom's playgroup on a field trip to McDonald's (nothing like a little taste of America!) The kids had a fun time playing in the play area, crawling around and eating french fries, of course.
Sarah and Jonas (in the stroller), Courtney and Kenzleigh, Heather and Michelle in the background.
French fries are gooood!

Sitting in the french fry chair.

Sadly, a few weeks later our friends Courtney and Kenzleigh PCS'd to Georgia. They will be missed!!

So, that's June and July around here. I'll post separately about our July 4th trip and vacation to Hawaii. I'll get there...I promise...

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