Friday, September 17, 2010

Paradise Day 2...

This morning we all woke up at a not too early hour (about 7:30- not bad really considering all of our time differences) and sat outside and enjoyed the view and the weather and ate breakfast. Then we decided that we simply must make a beach trip. So we got ready and went over to Kailua beach for a few hours of sun and fun in the sand. Mallory enjoyed it, and played in the shallow pools of water and sand.
After our beach trip, we went over to the base again and got stuff for lunch and dinner. Maryo and Kristen were flying in today (Jessica and her hubby Tod moved here in January so we have locals on our trip!), so we met them at a cute little marina cafe where we had some fantastic mai tai's and fried yumminess of all kinds for lunch.
And a few more mai tai's. We were having a great time, and decided to head over to Tod and Jessica's to see their new house...and have a few more drinks. Jessica is an anethesia nurse, and Tod isn't working at the moment, but has worked on perfecting his bartending skills. We were all quite impressed with his key lime martinis- yum! We watched the sunset from their front porch,and Jessica put Hawaiian flowers in our hair from her yard. Mallory wasn't sure what that thing on her head was- guess she's used to the bows Mommy uses, not fresh flowers. Next we thought we should eat dinner, so we headed over to a cute little burger joint and had yummy fresh burgers and fries. Mallory is such an awesome baby and was such a trooper just hanging out, playing and eating fries with us. She hardly fussed all day- it is soooo good to have a baby that is just laid back and go with the flow like her!

After dinner we headed back to our house and showed it off to Kristen and Maryo. They were in love too of course. It's their turn for jetlag, so we all sorta turned in early tonight (I'm the last one up but it is inly 6pm in Japan).

Day 3 will be Sharks Cove for beach and snorkeling time. Tod is coming with us, as he has earned a very prestigious spot as the girly week tour guide/bar tender. He realizes this is a rather elite title, but he's super cool and laid back so he is fun to have around. I'll post all about that next...

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