Sunday, September 26, 2010

Surfers Paradise- Girly Style

Today we woke up early and headed out to North Shore again. We decided there was more to see and do there, and this time Jessica could join us too. So off we went and since we got there fairly early we got good parking spots and a good beach location.We all set up camp and I tanned for a bit (you can see one of my new suits in this pic) and then put Mallory in her blow-up boat and took her down to the little tidal pools.She splashed and swam for a LONG time and was happy as could be. Mom traded out with me and took Mallory duty and I went snorkeling. The yellow boat w/ the white hat is Mal and I think Mom is the head just to her right. I saw all sorts of things- rainbow fish, huge grouper (I think), cuttlefish, needle fish, sea urchins- very pretty sea life. While I snorkeled, Mallory decided it was nap time. The silly girl was sitting in her boat, looked up at Mom, and then literally just face planted into the water. Mom took her up to our umbrella before she drowned- haha. Silly kid!
After lots of sun and sand and fun, we packed up and drove up the road to Haileawa, a cute little surf town. North Shore is the surfers paradise, so lots of surf shops exist here. Look at all those boards!We shopped for a bit (I bought a cute cover up that I can wear on our trip next month) and we all ate Hawaiian Shave Ice- YUM! Oh, how I miss snow cones in Japan, and shave ice is about 4x better than a snowcone!!
After our shopping, we drove back to Jessica and Tod's house for dinner. Delicious steak, a few games of bocci ball and some good conversation topped off our night.

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