Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Day= Another 4 miles walked!

Today we got lots of errands run, but walked...A LOT!! I guess that is the downside to moving and not having a car yet. Oh well. Hopefully by the end of this week. And at least the weather is nice and the exercise is good for me I'm sure. Brett was going to go by himself, but I am getting antsy in the hotel room, so I joined him for the hike.
First, we went to the housing office. The inspector had gone by our new quarters and found all was well, so we get to move in on Friday! Yippee!! No more living in a hotel (it sounds like a fun plan to have a maid clean your room, but after 2 weeks, it gets pretty boring and crowded and small). After that, we were off to the Furnishings Office to sign up for our temporary stuff. We have a 3 bedroom place, but just got enough to get us by for now- a lovely (ha) bed/dresser/nightstand set; couch and chair; table and chairs; and bookshelf and desk. Once our stuff gets here (hopefully in 90 days or less from now) we turn their things back in. It also means we will be off to IKEA (yep, they have one of those in Tokyo) to get a cheap desk, bookshelf, table and chairs and crib, as we didn't bring our own of those things. Maybe we can find some fun Japanese furniture to bring back with us eventually.
After the furnishings office, since we had already hiked the 4 miles down that way, we went by the pet kennel and saw Maverick and Bandit for a few minutes. Poor guys- I miss them and I KNOW they are ready to be out of a kennel already. The girl said Mav wasn't eating very much- I think he is just sooo freaked out and scared of what is going on. He probably thinks we abandoned him. Hang in there guys- just a few more days and you can officially be "home" again! It was good to see them at least.
After that, we were hungry so we went to the Japanese Chow Hall at the south end of base. We ate some authentic Japanese food- couldn't tell you what it was, but it was GOOD! I know I ate rice (shocking, right ;) and soba noodles. There was also some meat of some sort and an item that resembled an egg roll. I am sure by the time we leave here in 3 years I will be able to name, and possibly cook those items. For now, I'm just glad they were delicious, as we will be having a lot of that sort of cuisine I think.
While there we ran into a few buddies of Brett's from Dyess AFB, so we sat with them to eat and then walked back to the squadron bldg with them. From there we ran into a friend of my little brothers that is also stationed here. We chatted for a few minutes. He and his wife also live on the east side of base, so I'll have another wife to hang out with over there.
Then Brett and I went our separate ways- he went to his office to make some copies of some paperwork he has to turn in (so we can get refunded for all our travel expenses-important!!). I went over to the YCC (the BX and commisary building) and signed us up for phone/internet/cable. It is cheaper than back home, and we will have a Texas # that people can call us on, and we can call them on, without international rates! Yippee!!!
I did all that, and managed to not get lost once- that is a BIG accomplishment for me! Brett is currently at the gym, and when we gets back we are going to test drive/buy a car hopefully. I'm feeling better by the day as we get settled and figure things out. This is starting to feel less like a vacation and more like home (and I am sure once we move in the house and out of the hotel that will help).
I'll post my phone # and address for any one who is interested and would want to contact us. And don't forget we have a 3 bedroom house, so we expect visitors!!!

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  1. Hey Kim! I am so loving your commentary on your blog. I am living vicariously through you! What an adventure! :)