Friday, March 27, 2009

One more milestone...

I forgot to add earlier that we ate lunch at the Japanese Chow Hall on base (it's very authentic and  sooooo good). Anyway, I've never been good at using chopsticks, but I ate the entire meal with them today- rice and all. I impressed myself (and Brett was impressed with me too- he's seen my fruitless attempts in the past). I figured I mights as well learn though- everywhere on base offers silverware, and some near the base do too. But if you venture out at all, you are going to be using chopsticks if you eat! I already love a lot about this land and culture and people, and I'm going to be living here 3 years- I better embrace the chopsticks, and think today is a day of complete success for me- getting a house, buying a car, driving the car, driving ALONE, and using chopsticks- I'll be a Japanese citizen before you know it!

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