Monday, March 2, 2009

Family Weekends are the best

I'll get better about posting more often. I promise. I'll add pictures too. But just had to write about the past 2 weekends. I guess now that we have our official plane ticket to Japan (March 18th is the big day), we've had to fit in saying bye to our families. Two weekends ago we drove down to Austin and had a "congradios" party (that's a combo of congrats on the baby and adios) and it was great fun. It was a combo baby shower/visit and we really enjoyed it. 
This past weekend Brett and I flew down to Houston and visited with my family. It was a very special family reunion, as my brother and his wife flew in from Kansas City and my grandparents flew in from Virginia, and of course my parents were there as well.  We really had a great time (my dad even busted out the old movie reel projector thing and played some home movies from when Cody and I were each babies). 
It has been great to get those "good-bye" weekends in with our families, before our big departure. Although, it isn't forever. Mom will be coming over in August when the baby is born, and I expect others to visit as well....that goes for everyone...ALL visitors are welcome. We will have small quarters, but I promise to take you around Japan and try to be the best tour guide I can be!! 

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  1. I can't believe you are going to Japan! You BETTER get better about posting; and more pics please! ;-)