Saturday, March 21, 2009

Learning Japanese...

When I try to log on to blogger, it all comes up in Japanese, which is funny b/c every other website is English. So...I'm having to figure out how to log on in Japanese. Ok, not really, it all looks the same, just the writing is different, so I can go from memory on what to type in where. It's still funny though. I'm sure I will have many more of those culture shock things along the way...but it is all part of the fun.
We had dinner last night at our sponsors house and it was lots of fun. Andrew, Melissa, their 2 year old son Roman, and she is about to pop with baby #2 (a girl) are super sweet and we talked about all kinds of things we need to know about- getting a car, setting up bills, getting a cell phone, going to the hospital (biggie for me!), weird cultural things was very interesting and fun to learn about. Brett and I can't wait to get our housing set up (we go tomorrow and hopefully will get a house soon), get a car, and go exploring more- I'll keep you updated on the Japanese fun (and download pics once we have our own internet service set up).

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