Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

The last couple days we've spent just chilling, getting adjusted, watching TV (the Japanese play some hilarious things), and Brett cooking me dinner 2 nights in a row! Nothing too exciting, hence the lack of posts. Thought I'd just do a weekend wrap-up instead (stole the idea from a  friend's blog):
best part of the weekend: exploring Japan with Brett, getting a car finally, getting the phone/cable set up so we could call/skype people
worst part of the weekend: jet lag 
most random part of the weekend: going to dinner at the "Denny's" of Asia restaurant we randomly found
people I saw this weekend: Brett, some people around base and around Fussa, Japan (city that we actually live in- outside Tokyo) that I don't know
something I wish I did that I didn't get around to:the sheets we borrowed from the linen exchange don't fit our bed, so we had to sleep w/o a sheet- it was annoying b/c the blanket was scratchy. I didn't get around to going back to get another sheet until yesterday (Monday) so we had to sleep with jacked-up linens all weekend. 
things I am looking forward to this week: Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend- we get to brave the Japanese train system; going out today to shop with a friend I've met here 
things I am not looking forward to: laundry, having to call the hospital over and over to see if I can get an apt with the ob/gyn clinic here

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