Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 5 (or 12 or 27...) in Tokyo

I think we are FINALLY getting our sleep adjusted, although I still took a nap about 3pm today and we woke up early this morning. It is hard to adjust to the 14 hour time difference (and realize it is a different DAY here!)

This morning we had Right Start- where every organization on base comes and talks to you about everything they do. I guess it is somewhere between informative...and boring. I'll admit I went the first half, which was good as it was a couple of the spouse organizations, and the Tricare medical guy. But I skipped out the second half and went back to the room, read my book for a bit and took a nap. It was the commanders of various squadrons, and the guy from finance- nothing that really concerned me (well, we needed to turn in vouchers for all the various travel expenses we incurred on the way here, but Brett did all that). Tomorrow we get to take the drivers license test (cross your fingers and toes for me- I'm a bit nervous) and then we go on a bus tour around base and off base as well. I think we go to a couple of the shopping areas and things, so that should be fun. We also get a lesson on some various parts of the Japanese culture (big do's and don'ts around here- like don't stick your chopsticks up high in the rice, and do put your yen on the little tray and pass the tray to the clerk, and do NOT tip anyone- interesting things to know!)
Tonight we went to a yummy Indian food place with some friends from back home actually. My little brother has a good friend from high school that is stationed here now, and is a helicopter pilot. It is a small world I guess. We went out to dinner with him and his sweet wife, and it was great. They live on the same side of base as us, so it will be nice to know someone else here and have a few more friendly faces. Maybe this weekend we can go explore some of Tokyo with them- I'm anxious to get out and do something in the city!
I'll let you know how the drivers test goes- it is only written (thank God) but I'm still afraid of being the dummy that doesn't pass. Friday we get our keys to our house, our furniture and our car- big things coming up!!! I think once we own some wheels and aren't living in a hotel I'll feel like I LIVE here, and I'm not just on a vacation.

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