Friday, March 20, 2009

We are HERE!

We flew from Abilene to DFW, DFW to Seatttle and then spent the night. Then yesterday (or Thursday, depending on what time zone you are in) we flew a long 11 hours from Seattle to Tokyo. But, we totally scored on that flight- we sat in 1st class. Since it was a military charter, it's 1st come, 1st serve on seating. We got there early- and it was worth it!! Nice, big chairs that lay all the way out into a bed, complete with footrest and lumbar support; your own tv screen with your choice of movies, games, etc; LED light on your was great (and neither one of us had ever traveled that way before- Brett said he spoiled me doing it that way on our 1st military flight together!) 
Of course, in order for us to sit there, the poor dog and car had to ride cargo. We would have had to ride in the middle seats in the back coach part to carry them on with they rode in cargo :(  We saw a very cool view of Mt. Fuji as we were getting ready to land. 

But, we are all here safe and sound and checked into the Kanto Lodge on base. The dog and cat are boarded at the pet care place for now, until we get housing (more cages for them- sorry guys!) We are going to spend the weekend sleeping, adjusting, and exploring base (we walked all around today and saw the BX, O club, a little bit of off base area, and the commisary). 

Tonight we already have dinner plans with our sponsor for a BBQ and we get to meet his wife and 2 year old. His wife is also prego, so I am glad to have another person to discuss drs and hospitals with- yay! 
Monday we head over to the housing office to see about getting our perm place, and go to the vet to get the animals registered. Tues and Wed are "orientation" meetings, and we get to get our Japanese drivers license. They drive on the other side of the car and road, so it should be an experience! I've been told to remember "heine on the linie" and I'll be alright. They also put a special sticker on your car (basically announcing to the locals that a stupid American is driving so watch out!) After we get our license we buy a car off the lemon lot (we checked them out today and they are about $2-3K, not bad for a nice used car with a suped-up stereo and GPS system- Japanese technology you know). 
Anyway, I'll post pics soon and more info, but for now, I"m tired and don't know what day/time it is. I need a nap (but I'm going to try to stay up until about 8pm again and sleep later tomorrow morning- wish us luck!) 
I was soooo nervous before we left, but now that we are here and I've seen how much there is to do/see/discover/learn- I'm nothing but excited!!!

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  1. Can't wait to hear more about it!! Catch up on rest and take lots of pics =)