Friday, April 3, 2009

Dinner from a 7-11

Have you ever had your dinner from a 7-11? You might if you live here in Japan. We were hungry, and the Commisary/BX closes at 7pm. We didn't really want to go out to dinner, so we just went around the corner to the off-base 7-11. They sell all sorts of random food concoctions there-it's crazy. A few of them (well, more than a few) are hard to tell what they even are, so we tried to pick things we recognized. I tried a corndog (yup, just like in America although better b/c there is more batter and it is sweet), and a pkg of cheese pizzas (although they put corn on all their pizza here- bizarre). Brett got a "fresh and tasty sandwich" with various things inside- he couldn't really identify them but he is braver than I about eating stuff. He also got a noodle/shrimp dish that turned out to be fettucine alfredo with shrimp on it- he said it wasn't bad for a 7-11 meal. He of course got a few more of his favorite chu-hi drinks (I swear he is going to go thru withdrawl in a few years when we leave) and I got a mint chocolate ice cream bar. There was NOTHING healthy about dinner tonight, but was good! Who knew you could get dinner from the local 7-11 store? (I'd call it a gas station- but they don't have gas pumps- just the store part and a big parking lot. I think they have the biggest parking lots in Japan at 7-11's!) 

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