Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just keepin' busy

I haven't posted in a while, as I have just been busy unpacking and putting things away. It's a full time job! 
I am happy to report that the kitchen is done (and even has a set of curtains hung and a few pictures on the wall. 
The master bedroom is also arranged, clothes unpacked and hung, room is painted a sage green, and pictures are on the wall. Yes, I've been painting and climbing on ladders and furniture. Those are all smart things to do while pregnant, right? Oh, well that's what happens when your husband goes on a trip for a week, and leaves you in a foreign country with boatloads of boxes, and only a handful of people to entertain you!
The office is a disaster, but that is Brett's domain. 
The baby room is also a mess, but I do have a few good things to report on that front. We bought a crib from another family on base (which Brett promises to sand and refinish for me), and I found a cute dresser and bookshelf for only $30 total at this Japanese recycle place right off base. They take used furniture, etc and redo it all to make it look nice, and it is cheap! It isn't heirloom quality stuff, but it will work for now, and since AF families move all the time anyway, it isn't worth buying super expensive things that might get ruined in the move anyway. I bought a new crib mattress, and have ordered a glider/ottoman (here's hoping it comes in on time!) Her bedding also came in, so now I can buy some paint to match in that room, and get busy making it cute and girly. I've also found a few sales on baby clothes that were great buys and got a great, brand-new swing for free (it's a nice one too- the sideways and front/back swinging kind with music, a mobile, etc.) I think the only major items we are missing now are the monitor and a breast pump (you all wanted to picture that, right?) I have also found a few very cute and Japanese-y decor items to add to her room, so I think it will be adorable once it is done. 
Now I need to finish painting the living room, find a table and chair set that we like, and get a curtain hung in that room. It is really beginning to feel like we live here though, so that is good. 
I also got cell phones this week (not to call the states with- that is our home phone, just to have to call each other basically). And we got our 2nd car. I love it! It's a Nissan Rasheen, which basically looks like a cross between a jeep and a land rover that went thru a trash compactor. I'll post pictures later. 
I went to the 36th squadron spouse meeting last Monday and met some other nice wives, and am going to the Yokota Officers Spouses Club mtg next week. I also went to the park today with a great mom's meet-up group. So, I've meet some people and made some friends. Life is good. Things are movin and groovin here in Japan! I'll post some pics of the cars later, and house pictures as I get it put together and settled. 


  1. That Rasheen sounds nice. I can't wait to see a pic. What color?

    Also, have you heard of Magic Jack ( Not sure if you can get it over there, but it basically turns your landline to a VoIP phone, just as long as you have an Internet connection, you'd have a phone. Maybe something that someone over here can send you guys if you are interested.

    Glad you are settling in!

  2. Um? Where are the pictures!? Heh.

  3. Try Skype -- you can call landlines from your computer and it's super cheap. Plus you can video chat (and the skype program is free). We use it with the inlaws.

    Also -- just did some bpump research myself. Look into the Ameda Purely's much cheaper than the Medela and from everything I've read, just as good if not better.

    Keep truckin'! Can't wait to see pics!