Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Japanese cars...and other things authentic

I promised a few pictures of our new (to us) cars, so here they are:
The blue one is a Hi-Lux Surf (or in American terms, a Toyota 4Runner). That is Brett's car. It is much bigger and harder to park in the tiny spaces around here, but it has been great for hauling things like our new table and chairs set, the crib mattress and baby dresser and bookshelf and an extra dresser in our room!
The red one is my car- it's a Nissan Rasheen. There is no American equivalent, other than it looks like a cross between a Land Rover and a Jeep, that was squished in a trash compactor. It's cute, and I like it. It'll be my car to drive around, and the baby seat will fit great in the back (we hope- we haven't actually tested that yet). 
This is an adorable baby kimono I found and just had to get! It has a Japanese floral pattern on it, ties in the front, but has the onesie snap legs for ease during diaper changing. Hey, if Lil' Miss Cochran is going to be born here in Japan, we have to make her fit in, right?? She is kicking and squirming away these days. I have my first dr. apt here tomorrow, so here's hoping they think everything is fine and dandy with the little girl!!
This is a picture taken from the car. We were driving by the flight line on a super clear day, so in the background, you can just make out Mt. Fuji, in the clouds. One of these days we will trek over there and hike that...once lil' missy is out and Brett can carry her in the backpack, not in my belly!

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