Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Quarters

Just a quick post.  I wanted to share a few pictures of our quarters on here. This is the outside of our building. There are 4 units per building.
Here is a closer picture of our end of the building. We are the door on the left. You can see our lovely window air conditioning units too. They are ugly, but they work. Actually, we are the lucky ones on base. The redone units have their temps controlled by the Air Force. We get to control our own. They don't make for the prettiest things to look at, but I'll take a comfort over charm anyday!!
Here is a close-up of our front porch. Note the lovely metal door and the screen door (latched open). The windows next to the door are very "Japanese-y". You can't see in our out of them, although you feel like you should be able to- it's sort of annoying. I'd like to put some sort of shelf or something in front of them on the inside, and maybe a big plant on the outside. Of course, by the time we get all this set up, I'm sure we will be on our way to moving again. 

Each unit has your name above the door. Cochran is not a very Japanese name, and has given more than one local a hard time with pronunciation. It followed into the spelling too, because we are now the "CochrOn" famil
y. Oh well! 
I'll post some pictures of the inside of our place once we get all our own stuff here. Right now, it's rather sparse with the few loaner items we have. I can't wait to get our stuff here and really make this place feel like home!

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