Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Guess what I WON last night??

Last night was the Yokota Officer's Spouses Club meeting. It is for all officers wives on base, if they want to join. It's just another way to get out and meet people and make connections here, plus they do a lot of events and their proceeds go to great causes like scholarships, etc. I decided to try it out last night, what the heck, right? The theme was "blingo"- basically we played Bingo but wore our "bling" and little black dresses (which aren't quite so little at 25 wks prego!). Anyway, it was held at the O Club ballroom, and we had a lovely dinner followed by 11 bingo games. I didn't do well on any of those. The last game was black-out, for the big prize. Again, I was totally thinking I'd go to the event for fun, not to win. Guess what- I WON the blackout game! 
And that one was for the big prize- a beautiful string of Japanese cultured pearls! 
They are gorgeous and I feel so lucky! 
They came from this very well-known store in Roppongi- the "it" section of Tokyo:Japanese pearls are some of the best in the world, and I'm sure this set is quite expensive, so I definitely did great! (Of course, jokingly, they said I also won the ability to be head chairman of the Asian Bazaar for next year- no thank you!!!) So, here are my pearls. Now I'll have to talk my husband into going out to a place nice enough to wear them. Maybe one of these weekends we can go eat at a fancy restaurant in Tokyo (and probably spend as much on dinner as the pearls cost!!!) 

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