Wednesday, April 1, 2009

shaka shaka...chicken

This week has been mellow here. It's all good though. Brett hasn't really finished in-processing yet. Instead, he's spent a good part of the week getting caught up on his master's class papers. Oh, what fun. I've been exploring a bit on my own, and with another girl I met here. 

Tuesday, Daphne and I went out the Fussa gate to the Seiyo (say-you) and Daiso (die-a-so) stores. Seiyo is like a big Dillard's I guess, and Daiso is more like an overgrown Dollar Tree.

They were fun to walk thru, and although we didn't buy much we had fun looking and exploring. The crazy part- we drove there and parked in the lot. You had to get a ticket to park there (parking is SOOO scarce her) and to get out of the lot we had to pay $9!!! It was nuts- that's the most we spent all day! 
It was fun though. We also went thru the Fussa train station (it is sorta in between the 2 stores) so now I know where that is. 

We also stopped at McDonald's for a snack. We'd heard it was better than the states, so we thought we'd try it out. I ate a pretty American meal- cheeseburger, fries and a drink. Daphne got a "shaka shaka chicken".  It's a chicken breast in  a paper bag, and they give you a little packet of flavoring to "shake" onto it- like shake n' bake. It was funny. Then we got ice cream cones- YUM!
It was a fun day and I enjoyed getting out while poor Brett wrote his paper. 

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  1. Sounds awesome! I remember going to McD in Thailand, and some of the menu items made me giggle... I had to take a picture...
    Speaking of.... POST PICTURES!!!!!