Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Update

So, I went to the doctor again this morning. I wish I could say I left with a baby in my arms :) Not quite that lucky (or that easy) but I at least got some good news. He said things are progressing, slowly but surely, and she and I are still happy and healthy (ok, I'll debate the happy part- thrilled to be *almost* blessed with a baby but not so happy she's a tardy one). AT THE MOST, I have 1 week to go, and they will induce me on August 26th if she isn't here on her own by then. I am hoping she chooses to make her debut on her own, but I did at least leave with reassurance that my child will exit eventually, and has a scheduled birthday.
In the meantime, I get to enjoy some "adult" time with my wonderful husband (he's in the kitchen cooking dinner as I write this- what a guy). parents arrive today! Yay! They are on the shuttle from the airport to base as I type this, so I should be picking them up any minute now. They are spending 3 weeks here with us, and I know they will be the biggest help (and best grandparents ever). I can't wait to see them, and I know they feel the same way. And of course, we are all waiting to meet Lil' Miss Thing, so c'mon out kiddo!
P.S. Check out the ticker on the side- it just keeps going up. That just cracks me up for some reason. Guess it's just a subtle reminder to me how many days overdue I am- like I need that reminder!!


  1. I'm thinking of you Kim! That has to be annoying... the teachers in us like schedules. Tell your parents hello. I know you will enjoy/appreciate having them there!

  2. It won't be much longer!!!! Tell your mom I said Hi!!!

  3. Well that's good news then my friend! I hope your parents don't have much jet lag cause they will be up at all hours very soon ; ) Oh and I found a pleasant surprise under my bed yesterday morning...can you guess what it was?!?!?! Grrr!