Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Letter to my Baby Girl

I'm sure this is sorta cheesy- but I'm awake this morning, and I couldn't fall back asleep. WAY too busy a day and TOO MUCH on my mind, so I thought I'd write about it. Excuse the sappiness- you can probably wipe the melty, sticky ooze off your keyboard :)

Dear Baby Girl,
I can't believe the day is finally here when I get to meet you and see your precious face, count your wiggly fingers, know who you look like, and just hold you as looong as I want to. Will you have Daddy's nose, or Mama's mouth? Will you get Mommy's pudgy toes? Will you have Daddy's skin that tans? Will you have a goofy, fun personality like your Daddy? Will you like to sew or paint or have a creative side like your Mommy? I can't wait to see- I've dreamed of this day, my little one!
Ever since I was a little girl myself, I knew I wanted to have my own babies. I always hoped I would be blessed with that, but you never know what God has in store for your life, and I've learned in my 31 years that trusting His plan is much better than making my own. I hope you learn that lesson too- I'll do my best to teach it to you! You are God's child. He has made you in His image and blessed ME to be your mommy. What a challenge, and what a thrill. I feel honored that He picked me to be your mom, and I pray you feel the same way. I don't think God takes that decision lightly- it is an absolute privilege to be a parent and I will do my best to raise you right, and make God proud. I've always had a very close relationship with my mom (your grandmommy) and I hope and pray I can be a good a mommy to you as she is to me. She's thrilled to meet you too, by the way!
Your Daddy and I can't wait to meet you. We've loved you before we've even met you and I know we will love you a zillion more times once we see you, and that will NEVER change! Life gets hard sometimes, you will do things to upset and disappoint us (and vice versa) but please know, that NO MATTER WHAT, come what may, I will ALWAYS be proud of you, and love you with my whole heart. Nothing you can do or say will change that. You are my daughter and I am blessed to be your mommy! We don't have a manual for this, and you don't come with an instruction book, but your Daddy and I are so excited to be parents, and I know we will both do our best to love you unconditionally, raise you in God's word and make you a good citizen of this world. It's our honor to get to do that! You are our blessing, our miracle, from God and we will raise you to the best of our abilities.
I, like every parent who has gone before me I'm sure, have big dreams for you- watching you take your first steps, say your first words, ride your first bike, come home with your first 100% in school, your first date (maybe you'll get to do that one day :), your prom, you going to college, your wedding, a career, kids of your own one day...these are all things that I hope and pray for you my sweet baby. It's amazing to think that I am going to get to watch you do these things-you, my sweet child.
I have tears in my eyes as I write this, because I can feel you kicking me in my belly, and as much as I'm ready to see you and meet you and NOT be pregnant anymore, there is a bond like I can't describe when pregnant. You are always near me. I am never alone, because I have someone else with, heck IN, me! I am the only one who can feel you kick and roll and move and I know that is all because I am feeding you and helping you grow into the big and strong girl you will one day be. I did that, and it is something I will always treasure. I have been told I'll actually MISS being pregnant. Now, I am sure they are not talking about the morning sickness, or the swollen feet, or the achy back, the heartburn or the fact that the weirdest of smells could send me running for the bathroom. Those things- well, they can all take a hike. But the bond I have with you- it's indescribable and something I will treasure forever. God picked me to be your mommy- wow! He placed you in me 40 weeks ago, and helped me grow you big and strong. Along the way he was molding you and shaping you to fit in His image, and today we will get to see that. Amazing!
I know that in the next few days, as you prepare to make your arrival (make it a smooth, easy entrance, ok?) and we meet you, will be emotional and exciting. I know that it will be like nothing I've ever experienced before. I am filled with emotion just thinking about it- seriously, I can't see what I'm typing b/c my eyes are watery. I have no real way of knowing what life holds for us. But all I know is that I love you already. I'd fly to the moon and back, slay dragons, jump out of burning buildings -all for you- and I've never even seen you! It is amazing I can love you this much and I know it will multiply by a million the moment I lay my eyes on you. You are my sweet baby girl, my greatest treasure in life, and I am so excited, honored and proud to call you my own. I'll see you in about 24 hours my little one. I love you more than I can ever say-


  1. This is so sweet, Kim! It made me cry! Good luck in your labor, I hope everything goes very smoothly!

  2. AWwwww you're a great Mommy already Kim! So sweet. Print this out for the baby book! :)

  3. I just love it..... love love love. You are already a great mommy, and that little girl is blessed already.... and as much love as you have right now for her...? juuuuuuuuuuust wait ;) It gets better :)
    -Kristin A