Thursday, August 13, 2009

Game Off...for now baby today. I was told yesterday that the dr would call me with the other lab results she was waiting on, but she was 95% sure she'd admit me today and induce me. I got a call from the dr this morning with the other lab results she was waiting on, and they all came back stone cold normal. Now, don't get me wrong- I wasn't wanting high blood pressure or other pregnancy issues at all. That would just be crazy talk. I'm glad I'm fine and the baby is fine. But...I'm just ready to see her face and hold her- in my arms not my belly! It's hard when you get your hopes up, and then they don't work out quite like you thought they would. Guess that is just the story of life sometimes, and you have to remember that God has it all in His plan, not yours.
But the good news is...she WILL come out, at some point. I have started to dialate and efface, so I think my body (and hopefully Miss C) knows it is time to get things going here soon. They won't let you go over 41.5 weeks here, so looking at the calendar that makes the date August 26th be the latest she will make her appearance, if they do end up having to induce me in the end. That's just a mere 13 days from now (perhaps the longest 13 days of my entire life, but only 13 days- I can do that!) I'm hoping she comes on her own before that of course. Her actual due date is August 15th, so maybe she's just a punctual baby (that would be a trait inherited from her Daddy, not her Mom). Maybe she's waiting for it to be the 14th or 15th since things happen to us in 4's or 5's it seems (Brett and I met- got engaged 4 months later, got married 5 months after being engaged, got pregnant 5 months after being married, have lived in Yokota 5 months, my birthday is the 6th & Brett's is the 1st- 6-1=5...ok that's a stretch, but you get the idea...maybe she wants her birthday to have a 5 in it). Eh, who knows? She'll come when she's ready I guess. Until then, I'm gonna keep going on walks, eating spicy food, having "fun" with the hubby... all those things they say help get things moving and grooving! You, my dear readers, just keep your fingers and toes crossed and start saying a few prayers that she gets the memo to head on out!


  1. Aw, Kim, I'm sorry. I know exactly how you feel. I went through the "you have to have a c-section next week," to (the day before my c-section) "you are not having a c-section tomorrow and have to wait it out" to "you're being induced in 3 days." It was a rollercoaster ride and so exhausting at the time, but now when I look back, it was nothing. These 13 (or less!) days will fly by and you'll have that sweet girl in your arms in no time! Good luck!

  2. I love the things you have to do to get her out...walking, spicy stuff, fun with hubby, sounds like you've got your days planned for the next two weeks (just in case of course!) Maybe she will come this weekend. Either way, she'll be here and be as precious and cute as ever and you will never have known such love once you meet her!

  3. I am thinking about you!! You will do great and I am praying that the delivery is a smooth as possible. Keep us posted on when she decides to arrive. How exciting!!!!