Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The "Meet Kirsten" Shower at my house

The weekend after my lovely baby shower, I held a baby shower for my friend Lynn. She actually already had Little Miss Kirsten, but didn't get a shower ahead of time here in Japan. So I had a "meet and greet" at my house. It was lots of fun, and I enjoyed being able to host it. I was tired afterwards, and my feet were swollen (that's what happens when you cook and host a party at 36 wks pregnant yourself) but it was all worth it. I think Lynn had a great time, and Miss Kirsten was passed around and enjoyed by all!

The clothesline banner I hung up in my living room
Mindy, Abbie (holding Kirsten) and Lynn on the couch
Melanie, Chelsea and Bridget enjoy the eats
Lynn's mom, Jessica, Abbie and Mindy
The little members of the shower- Ruby, Wyatt and Maverick

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